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Simply Om – A yoga inspired jewelry marketplace with a unique cause based proposition for customers. Simply True. Simply You

Simply Om is a global fair trade marketplace for yoga inspired jewelry. We take pride in sourcing from companies with strong ethics – and feel a strong commitment to empowering the artisans they are helping and the environment. A portion of all Simply Om proceeds will go back into investing in artisan communities around the world, to help many in oppressive situations (socially, economically) and create the Simply Om line. My own family is from Bihar, India – it is the poorest states of India and will most likely be where I start my work with empowering artisans – I will be enlisting some assistance from some economic development organizations to begin the journey. Once we have perfected the model in Bihar, we hope to do it again and again around the world to create sustainable livelihoods for those who might not otherwise have opportunities to rise above poverty.


By promoting fair trade practices and creating a strong cause marketing focus, Simply Om would like the purchase of every piece to help chip away at human slavery, human trafficking and human oppression.

Company Overview

Simply Om is a Fair Trade company that works with companies  & artisans to bring awareness and consciousness reflected in the Sanskrit word, Namaste.

“The divine in me sees the divine in you.”


Simply Om believes in the divine of our customers, the artisans who we want to be treated fairly and equitably, and the foundations we want to work with to send a portion of our profits to.

We want the experience to be divine from end to end. And we want you there with us.

At Simply Om jewelry, we also don’t think you have to look good doing the Downward Dog. I’m the owner and I can barely touch my toes. (True story).

You just need to have an open heart, an appreciation for things made with love and ethics and a belief that by changing small behaviors – we can change the world.





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