One Week Later

It’s been one week since the election. Some have wept tears of joy. Others have wept for other reasons. I would say that most of America has dealt with it the way you would expect, in a pretty straightforward, matter of fact way.

Amidst all of this though, there does seem to be a newly awoken anger. Perhaps it’s an anger that’s been here all along and has been fairly dormant. Perhaps my head has been so far up my own ass these days that I didn’t notice.

That’s possible too.

The anger just seems to have reached new levels.

Notwithstanding ignorant comments like the one from Bill O’Reilly which I wrote about last week, I feel like there is a volatility in the air. People remain highly sensitized and are clamoring to fight, to exchange words. To scream the loudest.

Guy Kawasaki, one of the most highly followed public figures in social media (former Chief Evangelist at Apple, Co-founder of put a short post on LinkedIn about who he voted for (Obama) and why. The frenzy of comments that ensued in a “hate” fest on LinkedIn, a professional network where people look at your activity to see if they want to HIRE you, was ridiculous.

Wouldn’t you want to be perceived well on a network like that? Why would you tarnish your image by engaging in hateful diatribe?

People just don’t seem to care.

Not all, but yeah – a LOT.

The onslaught of hateful comments hasn’t stopped post election. The recent article posted on Jezebel, documenting the onslaught of outrageous racist comments made by teens on Twitter where use of the “N” word is frequent. Some tweets have even wished an assassination upon the President. That kind of shit talking really scares me.

Like the Whitney Houston song, “I believe that children are our future” and if this speaks at all for what our future remotely looks like, we are royally screwed.

Innocent comments on Facebook seem to trigger heated discussions that quickly become about right vs. left, pro-life vs. pro-choice, my momma vs. your momma kind of shit in minutes.

Yesterday, an old high school friend of mine posted this:

I agree with him, that is sad. Other than expressing his sadness, no other sentiment was provided.

Which is why it made absolutely no sense when a friend commented back with “Ummm…have you seen the racist comments coming from the left?”

To which my friend responded very reasonably, “Racism doesn’t know left or right.”

I am glad he was mature about it because of course I got sucked into it, directly violating Facebook Rules 7 & 9 (At least!).

So what the heck is going on? I was not a big fan of George W. Bush, but there are lines on language I would never cross when speaking about the President, much less write them so publicly.

Are we all just becoming desensitized to the screaming and yelling across party lines? Have we gotten to a place where there are no longer boundaries of appropriateness in political discourse? I have been called an idiot, a moron, a socialist, a communist, a bitch all in this past week.

And that’s been a good week.

Something’s in the air and it’s disquieting. I am telling you, I have heard the word “monkey” in reference to President Obama in the past few weeks than I have heard my whole life. And trust me, after Indiana Jones, I got asked about monkey brains a lot, so I have heard that word more than most Americans.

I don’t know. Maybe I am just being overly sensitive. I don’t think so though.

What are your feelings post election? What are some of the more ridiculous/sad/polarizing things you have heard? BTW – I don’t care if you lean right or left. We want to know.


1 Comment on One Week Later

  1. Alison
    November 15, 2012 at 2:12 am (3 years ago)

    Ah, haters be haters. There will always be someone waiting in the wings to pounce and spew their shit all over people. Post-election or not.


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