Moving on Up? Or Laterally?

Oh – you don’t think I can? Oh because I never have matching socks? hmm. You are right. But can i STILL have a cape? I would really like a cape? Bueller? Mmmm, Bueller?

Not quite sure yet. What I do know is that if you “follow” Masala Chica through the “Follow” functionality, the nifty button that I used to look at with nary a glance and you still want to follow? Well – if you want to continue to follow the blog – can you manually add to your reader or subscribe through the feeds.

They say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Hells, yeah. I miss you guys. Come back! I got this snazzy new site – seriously pimped it out hardcore – and nobody is showing up. It’s like having a party and sitting around and eating all the cake by yourself because nobody came. Then you go home and drink more because you feel fat which makes you feel fatter.

Nothing good comes of it except swollen ankles and a hangover in the morning.

Sad visual, right? Yeah, no shit.

Don’t make me have fat ankles. That’s just cruel.

Remember. YOU can change the world. Or just give me an ego boost. Which one is easier?

That’s what I thought.

Have a great weekend, peeps.

Kiran, OUT.

19 Responses to Moving on Up? Or Laterally?

  • Marie says:

    I’m checking in every day because I love your writing! And….what I am wondering is….are you able to set this up so that your new posts appear in my email? If you want to do it (and only if you want to….I will check in anyway), you need to go to widgets and then find Follow Blog via email and move that somewhere onto your screen.
    BUT even if you don’t do that, I will be here anyway!

  • Sig

    I love the new site!! Mine is due for a makeover soon as well – thinking for the new year hey? you will have to let me know who designs yours coz I LOVE :D

    No problems with the RSS feed for me – can still get posts and am reading :)

    • masalachica says:

      I’ll totally connect you with my web designer – JUie at blogger boutique. The experience is great. You should go look at her portfolio and see if it speaks to you first, you know? So many people good at very specific traits right now.


  • Surferwife

    KIRAN!!! Your new site is absolutely gorgeous!!! I’ll probably be up all night staring at it.

  • Alison

    I already subscribe via my Reader before the snazzy new look!
    Where’s my tiara?!?!

  • Krystal

    Oohh la la luving the new look!! Hmmm I think, I should start pimping out my little blog…..I am sadly in need of traffic LOL Hope you are well!!


    • masalachica says:

      Hi Krystal!

      Nah – you don’t have to go there – I had the free wordpress blog for a while after moving over from Blogger and I loved it. I miss some of the features of the basic WordPress still. You don’t need anything fancy. Write, write good content often and get the word out there. It takes time and a lot of effort to get started out and what you put in will reward you. In time.

      Thanks for the compliment,dear!

      • Krystal

        Thanks for the kind words Kiran. We’ll see maybe next year, I will dabble into transferring over to wordpress. I guess the hardest part is attaining readers :)

        Have a great week hun!

  • This post lead me to discover that I had the notification boxes checked off for your site in the reader. I was wondering why you were posting but I was not seeing it. Makes sense now.

    Down the road, I hope to take the big leap that you have done into site ownership. I just need to sort out a few small things first that a long stretch of unemployment can do to a person. Anyway, the new layout looks great!

    • masalachica says:

      Thanks, Steve. It’s definitely a big jump and there are features of the free version that I will miss (the wordpress follow function, the wordpress like, specific just to WordPress. Nevertheless, once I get past the pain of change, I will be fine.

      I think ;-)


  • ilene

    I love your new look! Not YOU per se – the blog. You – Kiran – are the same hot mama you were last week :)
    xo Congrats on the new platform!

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